Anna's Antiques

Anna Antiques is a realisation and continuation of a childhood dream that started out as a collection of sunshades, antique fly swatters and endless handicrafts - a love and respect for textiles fuelled by a collector's passion.

From the outset, I was imbued with the desire to save whatever can be saved. I wanted appretiation for the classical beauty of Hungarian arts and crafts to spread throughout our small country and far beyond. I believed in the ancient energy of these folk patterns and applied art and was determined to help ensure they are never lost. These certainties inspired us to direct focus to antiques Hungarian textiles, although our range has now expanded to include the entire Carphatian Basin.

Our shop contains a wide variety of hand-woven tablecloths and curatins, crocheted and bobbin lace, kelim, damask, velvet and brocades of all kinds and colours. Visitors can also axplore our large collection of ceramics, porcelain, lights, hanging lamps and ornaments. There is nothing like the joy of finding something new.

We are looking forward to meeting you.